After serving with distinction in the US Air Force in both post Korean War operations as well as Vietnam, Sgt. Tom Slaughter returned home to continue his service to our country, this time through the US Postal Service. Now retired, Tom lives with 6 other retired men for whom he provides support and mentorship. Unfortunately, Tom recently underwent major surgery and had to have his leg amputated. With the Veterans Affairs Administration offering to install a ramp and lift, it would appear that Tom was in good shape to return home with the appropriate amenities. One problem stood in his way, a giant 65 year old Ailanthus tree, blocking the entrance way to his home where the ramp would be installed.

In came the troops. Jason “Jake” Leone, catching wind of this, sent out his battle cry and rallied the troops from Vets for Vets. With his squad of volunteers partnered with Stix and Stones tree removal, Vets for Vets showed up on Saturday the 21st, equipped to do what they do best, executing the mission at hand with precision and professionalism.

The cohesive and coordinate efforts between Vets for Vets and Stix and Stones were impressive to watch. With neighbors looking on and Tom’s sons on scene, the crew tirelessly and systematically disassembled the tree. Nate Jeronis, a Marine Corps veteran and partner of Stix and Stones, ran a wood chipper, rigged up ropes, ran multiple size chain saws and helped coordinate operations on the ground. While his founder, Mike Page, like something out of Cirque Du Soleil, moved skillfully through the tree, tying up branches and guiding them down after running them through with his saw. Meanwhile, the Vets for Vets crew helped control the lowering branches, clear falling debris, run chain saws and lift heavy stumps on the back of trucks. After 8 long hours, the tree was down to its stump, all branches and debris cleared, saw dust swept up and blown out. Before long, the only sign they had been there at all was the fresh cut stump where the tree had stood, no longer blocking Sgt. Slaughter’s return home.

Vets for Vets would like to request that any of our supporters in need of tree or boulder services, consider contacting Stix and Stones, LLC. Stix and Stones is not only one of the best in the business, but their steadfast dedication to the veteran community and their county, is second to none. They deserve your business! Contact Stix and Stones Tree Service and Boulder Scapes at (267) 374-5812.