Our Mission

To support local veterans and their families in the Upper Perkiomen Valley and surrounding areas by providing needed assistance through kind works.

Vets for Vets Community Outreach

Community Outreach

Our organization helps veterans throughout our community that need help at their home including home renovations, painting, landscaping and general clean up.

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    Vets for Vets in Pennsburg, PA
    Vets for Vets Outreach for Veterans & Veteran Families in Need in the Community
    Vets for Vets in Pennsburg, PA
    Horseshoe Tournament Benefiting Vets for Vets

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    4 days ago

    Vets for Vets

    A month ago we at Vets for Vets had a fence installed for a Veteran in Center Valley. Here is a short bio on the vet who had the fence installed. What he doesn’t say about his injuries is that they have lead to multiple spinal fusions and having to have a muscular stim systems installed inside of his back so he can have the ability to move and function.
    We would like to take the time to thanks Allen for his service. Also, important to note that Allen is a single father raising his two daughters.
    Thank you to all of our donors!!
    Allen K. Sackett III born and raised in CA. Joined the Army 19980104 as a 13R with Airborne option. Basic at Jackson, AIT at Sill. Completed Jump School with follow on assignment to the 234th FAD (ABN) in June of that year. Spent approx 6 months in '99 as a part of Operation Southern Watch in Kuwait. Tasked to the Montana wildfires in 2000 with the 18th FA Bde (ABN). Assigned to F TAB 26th FA in Korea from Oct 2000-Nov 2001. Returned to Bragg and the 234th where we were put on orders for the invasion of Iraq. We supported 3rd ID, 101st, 41st FA and 3rd ACR where we were awarded the Order of the Spur.
    In 2005 I was requested by 18th Airborne Corps Artillery to serve as the MNCI Counterfire NCO in Iraq again where I assisted the intel section and supported the Counterfire Officer in detailed direct support to lower counter Battery and mortar locating radars. Injured during Airborne Ops in 2006.
    2007 I was assigned to Wolf Team Operations Group as an NTC OC for 2+ years (over 20 rotations).
    2009 moved to Ft Bliss Tx where I started out working in the Hq Battery before moving to 1 AD HQ to serve as the Schools NCO for a short period before moving on to implement the Division DTMS program. Med board in 2012 for injuries.

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    Vets for Vets would like to thank all of our partners for their assistance and continued help. Without you, we would not be able to continue our mission.

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